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The Habbo World
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Habbo Help Tips

This page is dedicated to helping my fellow habbos. 

The Habbo Way
Make sure that while you are visiting the Habbo Hotel, that you always follow The Habbo Way rules.  To view The Habbo Way click on this link:

Reporting a member to Habbo Staff Moderators
If you are being harassed or offended by another habbo; or if you witness another habbo swearing or breaking The Habbo Way rules in any way, and would like to report them to hotel staff, here is what you do:
1.  You need to be in a room to report someone.

2.  Click the Blue Question Mark at the bottom right corner of your screen.


3.  Click on the red Call for Help link on the top right corner of the box that appears.(as shown below)


4.  Type in the problem; what you want to tell habbo staff.
5.  Send it.


It will then be sent directly to the Hotel Moderator on duty at that time.  This staff member will look into the situation, and use the appropriate actions to solve the problem

Things You Should NOT Bother Hotel Moderators about:
Below are problems that the Hotel Mod's can not help you with, but they can be solved yourself.
1.  If someone is harassing you or in any way bothering you on your Console, do not report this to Hotel Staff.  Hotel Staff can not read console messeges, all they will do is send you a messege telling you that they can't read it.  To solve this problem, simply go to your console, click on the Friends button, find the person's name, click on their name, click the Remove button, and click ok.  Once they are removed, they can not send you messeges.
2.  Kiking:  If you are in a room, and there is a habbo that is continuously kiking other habbos, do not report them to Hotel Staff.  Anyone with rights had those rights given to them by the room owner.  Therefore, Hotel Staff can not punish them, because the owner gave them rights, which also means they have the right to kik people.  The only person who can solve this problem, is the owner of the room.  Let the owner know about the problem, and who the habbo is doing the kiking.  It is then up to the owner to handle the problem.  Owners are the only ones who can control the people who have rights, therefore the only person who can control kiking.  If you are in a room where the owner doesn't contorl it, and allows this to continue, maybe you should find a new room to hang out in, but do not report them to Hotel Staff, they can't do anything about this.  Now if you are in a room where there is excessive kiking, but harassment as well.  Such as argueing over who the kiker is, harassing people blaming them, swearing, being offensive, or in any way breaking the rules, then you CAN report this to hotel staff.  If there is an excessive kiking problem in a room, which in return causes harassment of habbos fighting with each other a lot, Hotel Staff may choose to kik everyone from the room and close/lock the room so that nobody can get in until the owner gets online.  They will send a warning messege to the owner letting them know about the problem and that they need to fix this.  A room owner is responsible for each of their rooms and also for every person that has rights.  Owners must control this.  If it can't be controled while you're offline, you should lock your room when you are not online to monitor your room.  Owners who have rooms where this is a continued problem, and they ignore hotel staff's warnings to control it, can be banned from habbo.  So please control your rooms.

Tips on Dealing with Unfriendly Habbos:
If you are having problems with another habbo, your first reaction is usually to get angry, and lose your temper.  If you do this, you might end up in trouble with staff as well.  Do not retaliate by yelling back at them.  Just simply use the call for help link, as described above, and report them to Habbo Staff.  Then click on them, and click the Ignore button, and you will no longer have to view anything they say.  Habbo Staff will handle the problem from there.  If you retaliate by getting mad and yelling back at them, you may be getting in trouble as well, or worse, banned.  Breaking The Habbo Way rules is not allowed, for any reason, so be careful not to lose your temper in this situation. 



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