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The Habbo World
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My Info

Wanna know about me, TRU-babygyrl?   Well, you came to the right page.

This is one of my popular looks, but I have MANY looks. :)

Real Name:  Stephanie
Age:  22
Location:  Arkansas, USA

I am around Habbo Hotel a lot in my free time.  I have made many good friends here.  I love going and hanging out with them in their rooms, chatting, partying, just whatever.  My goal on Habbo is to have fun with my friends and help other habbos better understand and find their way around Habbo Hotel.  I plan on putting my application in to be a Hobba as soon as the apps. are open again.  I'm a pretty cool person, so feel free to stop by and party with me anytime.


Owner: TRU-babygyrl (habbo name)